Tittibhasana(FIREFLY POSE)

Derived from the Sanskrit 'Tittibha' meaning insect and 'Asana' meaning pose.

The aim is so get both the arms and the legs straight... but I've only tried this pose a few times, so a little way to go yet.

This pose although it may not look it is calming. It improves balance, core strength and focus.

This pose is believed to open the Manipura (The solar plexus chakra.

This chakra is believed to improve self-control, self-confidence, emotional balance, and contentment.

Teaching Tips:

Begin in a squat position. Feet a little wider than hip width.

Fold your torso between the legs and commence in bringing your shoulders behind your thighs as best you can.

Now place your hands at the outer edges of the feet and to the floor.

Activate the muscles of your arms, shoulders and core by beginning to press into your hands and lift your feet off the floor.

Now try to straighten the legs and arms.

Another way of getting into the pose which I found easier is by beginning in a seated position.

Bring your knees behind your shoulders as best you can and press them in towards your arms.

Now begin to press into the hands and lift the butt off the ground.

Gaze forwards as you straighten the legs and arms.


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