Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose)

Paripurna Navasana derives from the Sanskrit 'Paripurna' meaning complete,'Nava' meaning boat and 'asana' meaning pose.

This pose strengthens the core muscles and hip flexors and is believed to open the Manipura (The solar plexus chakra).

This chakra is believed to improve self-control, self-confidence, emotional balance, and contentment.

The aim is to keep the spine lengthened, gaze forwards and a steady breath as you maintain your balance.

Teaching Tips:

Begin seated with the knees bent and lengthen through your spine.

Taking hold of the outside edge of one foot begin to press your foot towards your hand aiming to straighten the leg. If your lower back begins to round then ease off a little and practise with bent knees instead.

Make sure to keep drawing your shoulder blades back and down.

If possible take both ankles and try to lengthen both legs and trying to lift the chest and draw your shoulder blades back and down into your back.

Keep a steady breath and with each exhale draw your belly button towards your spine (this will engage your core muscles).

When you feel ready begin to let go of your ankles reaching your arms forward in line with your shoulders and try your best to keep your feet lifted. Your knees may bend when you let go of your legs.

Remember it is more important that you keep a long spine, your core muscles engaged, a steady breath and shoulder connection than it is that you straighten your legs.

Lifting the arms in line with your ears is a further progression, again watching that if the back begins to round bring the arms back down to shoulder height.


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