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Forming the subtle body/mind

Everything is energy.

The energy that we are comes from the Universe.

Very simply; the food we eat comes from the earth. The water we drink comes from the Earth. The Earth is inside the Universe. The food and water we consume becomes our body. Without it our bodies would die and disintegrate back into the earth. We all know this. This is basic understanding.

Everything is connected.

We can use energy to heal our bodies. Mind and body is the same thing. Both are forms. Body is the physical form. Mind is the subtle form.

We can use energy from food and water to heal and nourish our bodies. We can use energy from breath to calm and soothe our bodies. We can use energy from thoughts to heal our subtle bodies (emotions, sensations, feelings). Remember it is all one. It is all connected and so what affects the physical body also affects the subtle body. Mind and body is one.

The Universe is energy.

The Earth is energy.

Sound is energy.

Thought is energy.

Emotion is energy.

Chakras are energy centres within the body.

The root chakra (located at the base of the spine) is associated with the energy of groundedness, stability, safety and security.

When this energy centre is out of balance we feel unsafe, unstable, afraid, anxious and panicky.

By consciously using thought energy (affirmations and mantras), sound energy, light energy (colours), food energy and movement energy, such as Yoga classes, we can heal our subtle body (chakras).

For example, if every day I repeated the mantra in my mind "I am safe". Over time this mantra would seep into the subconscious mind and affect my feelings. I would begin to feel safe. I would begin to feel calmer.

Remember Chakras belong to the mind (subtle body) and are also subject to change just as the physical body is subject to change.

Ultimately we learn to become seated in awareness. Right now the physical and subtle body may not be well. We may be experiencing pain/illness/disease. But we must remember that we are not any of these changing forms.

We are the unchanging consciousness. Awareness. Witness of change. All forms appear inside you.

Like a grain of sand in the wind. Let it be.